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Although I'd been to NY several times, this was the first time it was a pure tourist trip.



The Chrysler Building


The Empire State Building

Once again the tallest building in NY following the destruction of the twin towers ...


Miscellaneous architecture


Statue of Liberty

Not much sign of the 'liberty' bit on this trip ... the Americans are so paranoid about a terrorist attack on the statue that you literally have to remove your belt and shoes when passing through the security check prior to boarding the ferry, and you can't climb inside the statue, only walk around in the grounds outside.

I guess it would make a good symbolic target, and it would be highly embarrassing to have it blown up, but you can't help feeling that the terrorists have already won when the USA locks people out of the famous landmark ...


Rockefeller Centre


Times Square


People watching

Watching the world go by from a pavement cafe ...


Toys R Us ...


Tasteful, Donald, tasteful ...


Ground Zero

We swore we wouldn't do this, but as we pretty much walked everywhere, we passed it on the way from the Liberty Island ferry to Soho.

I have to say there is something stunning about seeing the great hole there when I'd stood on the roof last time I was there ...

This sculpture, damaged in the attack, has been relocated to a park
as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the attack


NY cuisine ...



And of course we did our bit to assist NY's economic recovery ...

I think we spent about $400 in here ...

Very expensive lipstick

I couldn't quite figure out how to get this home ...

We were there on the day the new 30gig iPod was launched. Unbelievably, after Apple had pre-promoted it to death, they had completely underestimated demand, so we had to chase all over Manhattan before we found one in stock. Even the Apple Store in Soho had sold out, for chrissakes! But finally it was mine ...

Unfortunately, we had a bit of an accident while looking for it. There was this electronics shop that claimed to have one but in fact didn't. They did, however, have lots of Vaios. Already owning one, I was immune to their lure; Birgit, on the other hand ...


After that, we decided we'd better make good our escape before we spent any more money.

Not quite Concorde on the way home, but not cattle-class either

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