A brief overview of the disaster,
and an introduction to the
Chernobyl Children's Project

A small museum in Kiev, dedicated to telling the story of the disaster

I'd suggest reading this before the exclusion zone page (unless you are a nuclear physicist ...)

A visit to the reactor site itself, at the centre of the 30km Exclusion Zone, and on to the ghost-town of Prypiat - once home to 50,000 people

Mayflower Centre

The Mayflower Centre provides care & education for very severely disabled children whose needs cannot be accommodated in schools

Primary school

School Number 5 is a primary school which has been helped by the CCP to cater for the needs of disabled kids

The Rodni Kut and Klimovka homes provide family-like homes for children and young adults with physical & mental disabilities

Cancer Hospital

The Children's Cancer Hospital cares for 200 children, 75% of whom will survive

How you
can help

Details of how you can help the work of the Chernobyl Children's Project